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Metallurgical and Blanking Complex of Enterprise


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The IMZ ready-made products extensively apply the advanced blanks

Metallurgical production division of "Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod" JSC – is the largest supplier of investment-cast parts in Russia for:

  • small arms
  • aircraft and rocket production
  • motor-car industry
  • agricultural engineering
  • machine-tool construction

Investment castings produced at the enterprise – are one of the best in Russia both for the surface smoothness and accuracy of sizes. The enterprise has mastered the non-traditional methods of blanks’ production by high-precision steel casting providing the accuracy class 12 and wall thickness up to 0.8 mm.

The IMZ ready-made products extensively apply the advanced blanks, such as: investment castings, aluminium die castings, CA4M1, CA3OM5 and other non-ferrous alloys’ castings; powdered materials parts.

Use of modern equipment in foundries allows supplying the castings with the preset structures as finished parts.

Unique is the process of manufacturing the sporting and hunting guns’ barrels from the bar by piercing a heated blank on the SPVD-100 milling machine and subsequent reduction of heated blanks on the SBD-412 vertical forging machine.

For making the blanks of rifled barrels the Company employs a cold reduction method and the SHK-10 forging machines.

Technology of rotational extrusion is adopted for manufacture of ferrous or non-ferrous thin-walled, axisymmetric hollow blanks with complex surfaces. As primary blanks the enterprise applies the sheet, stamped, forged, welded or other types of blanks. In common practice are also such technologies as the sphero-movable forming, hot and isothermal pressing, upset, cross-wedge rolling and open forging.

The parts obtained by the finish blanking method with the FEINTOLL automatic press machine do not require further machining of the contour.

The enterprise comprises a workshop with modern equipment for fabrication of plastic parts, consequently the plastic materials are widely used for crafting case-shaped parts.

For making the fasteners and other parts of large complexity provided are several areas of group machining lines based on turret lathes.

The multi-tool CNC machining centre that can be involved for cutting out sheet-metal parts of irregular shape, considerably extends the technological capabilities of machining with lower production expenses. For an individual and small-batch production of sheet blanks of such shape there has been developed and created a laser technological complex which allows cutting out parts of carbon or alloyed steel with a thickness up to 6 mm; aluminium alloys - up to 2 mm; plywood, rubber and organic glass with accuracy of ± 0,1 mm. The overall dimensions of processing parts are 1200х2000 mm.

The technology of electrochemical etching of alloyed steels is successfully adopted at the enterprise.

For manufacture of commutator electric motors the company applies the high-precision automatic press machine with a capacity of 800 spm (strokes/minute). The process of cutting with simultaneous piling of stator and rotor plates is performed at the hard-alloyed press die without further machining.

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