new development

MP-142K Carbine

Baikal’s new line – magazine carbine of a modular design. Features rotary bolt lock-up system and removable barrels.

Developed with a view to create maximum shooter’s convenience. The modular concept Implemented in МР-142К allows customizing the gun individually by supplying barrel blocks of various calibres and lengths.

Attachment joint (patented) of removable barrel provides stability of mean impact point upon removal-installation of barrel unit.

Fitting together of receiver and stock with the aid of polymeric resin allows to secure stability of system and durability of stock under loads manifesting at a shot.

Adopted pattern of the bolt travel guarantees absence of bolt jamming in extreme rear position.

Double-row barrel locking by three lugs mounted on bolt’s head provide for high strength and rigidity of lock unit as well as opportunity of further expansion of applicable ammo’ range and their power.

The basic carbine’s parts defining its durability, non-failure operation and long service life are made of high-quality alloyed steels.

The barrels are manufactured by state-of-the-art processing technique – cold rotational forging.

Accepts scope mounts aided by:

  • 16 mm dovetail (on receiver)
  • Weaver rail (on barrel sleeve)

Arrangement of iron sights relative to a shooter’s eye and stock comb provides clear visibility of front and rear sights and instinctive overlapping of pupil with a sighting line that promotes high accuracy in point shooting.

Basic design features and specifications:

  • three-position slide safety (“fire”, “safe unloading”, “safety on”) on tale surface of pistol grip allows easy control for right- and left-handed shooters;
  • removable single-row box magazine (capacity: 3 + 1 rds);
  • trigger unit adjustable for trigger pull and travel;
  • weight, unloaded (option chambered in 9,3x64 mm, barrel length of 600 mm) – 3,85 kg;
  • overall length (barrel of 600 mm) – 1170 mm.

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