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Manufacture of PCB has been launched since 1970

Packaging and wiring of electronic modules, manufacture of hybrid thin-film and thick-film micro-packages, photochemical and screen printing methods of PCB production as well as a number of other technologies are performed at the IMZ’ modern specialized shops.

Manufacture of PCB has been launched since 1970. Nowadays we have gained experience in production of single- and double-sided boards with soldering mask for surface wiring as well as multilayer (up to 12 layers) boards.

The enterprise has twenty-year’s experience in manufacture of thick-film micro-packages. Today this technology is applied for making micro-packages for further use in medical appliances, power electronics and specific products.

The manufacture integrates the end-to-end cycle for producing CMOS solid-state chips with an aluminium and polysilicon gates and minimum topologic size less than 2 mcm as well as analog chips by means of bipolar process. Diameter of boards equals to 100 mm. On order our enterprise is ready to customize small or average-size batches of specialized LSI PCBs.

The IMZ includes a LSI photo-masks production area with a full technologic cycle. The enterprise also fabricates high-quality ceramic products of a complex configuration from various ceramic materials such as ВК94-1, Vlle-3.

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