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Systems of geometric simulation available at the enterprise enable development of parts and products of any complexity

"Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod" JSC has unique experience in development and mastering of advanced technologies in machine-building and instrument-making on an industrial scale. The enterprise comprises the technical and engineering departments that provide development, mastering and tracking of sophisticated products from design-project to output. Engineering and design facilities of the enterprise are based on state-of-the-art computer technologies applicable for development of products in machine-building and instrument-making, finally intended for obtaining the 3D unified PC model of a product.

Systems of geometric simulation available at the enterprise enable development of parts and products of any complexity, as well as the computer modeling of assemblies, calculation of mass-inertial characteristics, engineering analysis of design working capacities, simulation of foundry processes by the finite elements’ method, development of control programs for creation of prototypes, patterns and form-building auxiliaries, CNC machines and issuing of design drawings.

The versatility of IMZ’ computer technologies allow their application at the following development stages:

  • Conceptual design and creation of a design-project
  • Creation of parametric 3D computer models of parts, units and assemblies
  • Calculation of mass-inertial characteristics of parts and products for estimation of their conformity to the input design data
  • The engineering analysis of critical elements of a design, including calculation of durability, heat resistance etc.
  • Development of control programs for manufacture of parts on CNC machines or by the Quick-Prototyping Technology for estimation of design solutions and assembly of master samples
  • Manufacture of test auxiliaries for perfection of casting techniques as well as commercial auxiliaries for preparation of full-scale production
  • Technological pre-production stage
  • Preparation of operating and shipping documents
  • Creation of advertising and presentation materials for marketing support of supplied products.

The powerful tool-production division is able to satisfy all needs of the enterprise in special aids and appliances, cutting and measuring tools, stamps and moulds of any complexity. The IMZ’ experimental and test centres are equipped with the modern equipment which allow to carry out various kinds of mechanical and environmental tests of products.

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