Leonard Vassev's Gunsmith School

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The IMZ' Gunsmithing and Engraving School for training the qualified workers was established in 1956 as the unique educational centre where the workers could gain experience in basic trades connected with manufacture and styling of arms. Graduates of the School are qualified as the fitters of small arms, stock assemblers, woodcarvers or engravers.

The school apprentices may learn design and technology of shotgun assembly, process metallurgy, tolerances, fits and technical measurement, plotting, descriptive geometry. The future gunsmiths assimilate the acquired theory by a practical work in shops of gun manufacture. Habits and secrets of gunsmithing are transferred them by skilled instructors -hereditary gunsmiths, which also have received the fundamentals in gunsmithing at the a.m, school.

The most gifted and talented apprentices study secrets of engraving. Engraver's trade is ancient, honorable, difficult and unique. It requires basic knowledge in composition and painting, graphics, sculpture, classic ornament styles, as well as creative abilities and art talents.

Many gifted masters are working at the enterprise - the engravers able to create the fine specimens of engraving art, such as V.Beloborodov, A.Shchenin, Y.Kropachev, Y.Blinov, A.Peredvigin. All of them are disciples and followers of Leonard Vassev.

Talented painter and teacher, L.M.Vassev has exerted immense influence upon creative trends of the Izhevsk engravers. He has invented a new technique of inlaying precious metals into "dovetail" grooves and introduced method of colourful incrustation for styling the highly artistic shotguns. Particular effect on finishing the ready-made guns renders the Vassev's in-house "frost" engraving. Today the school of gunsmithing and engraving with pride carries name of Leonard Vassev.

On October 18, 2002, it would be 75 years since the birth date of Leonard Vassev. On this day among workers of gun trades an exhibition of creative works will be traditionally held at the School. The best guns crafted by IMZ' gunsmiths and realized as per the unique artistic style of a gun finish as well as combining the century-old traditions of Izhevsk skilled craftsmen and talents of artists-engravers will be displayed here.

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