Artistic Styling of Guns Gallery

"Scythian hunt", IZH-27M

"Scythian hunt", IZH-27M

Artist-engraver: Y.S. Blinov

Fitter: A.G. Tchukavin

Name: «Scythian hunt»

Model: IZH-27M

Created: 1999-2000

Materials used: gold, silver

Technique: relief engraving, damascene

Description: Subject composition presents the hunt of scythians - militant ancient tribe, who are believed to be ancestors of Slavs, with pictures of animals and a horseman with a bow.

"Scythian hunt", IZH-27M

Artist-engraver: Y.S. Blinov

Wood-carver: V. Khomyakov

Stock assembler: A.G. Tchukavin

Materials used: walnut

Technique: relief carving

Description: Conventionally floriated ornament is a successful addition to the general gun’s ensemble.

Location: Museum of the L.Vassev Gunsmith School (FGUP «IMZ»).

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