Artistic Styling of Guns Gallery

"The Spring Song", IZH-27EM

"The Spring Song", IZH-27EM

Artist-engraver & wood-carver: Beloborodov V.M.

Fitter: Kotomchanin A.P.

Stock assembler: Shushakov V.N.

Name: «The Spring Song»

Model: IZH-27EM

Year of manufacture: 2005

Materials used: Silver, gold, alloys

Technique: Damascene, deep-relief and relief engraving.

Description: Medallions with ornamental silver pattern reveal golden birds. Grains crafted by silver and gold damascene technique impart “sparkling”, the golden twigs add lightness. Alloys of precious metals allow transition from bright to dark tones.

Location: FGUP «Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod».

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