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"The First Frost", IZH-54

"The First Frost", IZH-54

Artist-engraver: Beloborodov V.M.

Fitter & stock assembler: Suvorov V.M.

Name: «The First Frost»

Model: IZH-54

Year of manufacture: 1958-1959

Materials used: Gold, silver

Technique: «Frost» style.

Description: The first shotgun which is made in “frost” style like the gun of Vassev L.M. Within the last months of his study with Vassev Beloborodov has decorated the IZH-54 shotgun with “frost pattern”. The gun kept at the Plant’s museum proves that Beloborodov V.M. has perfectly mastered the skilful engraving technique with shaped calking chisel and relief inlaid pattern.

Location: Historic Museum of FGUP “Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod”.

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