Artistic Styling of Guns Gallery

"The Silver Echo", IZH-27

"The Silver Echo", IZH-27

Artist-engraver & wood-carver: Beloborodov V.M.

Fitter: Shutov V.E.

Stock assembler: Brylov A.A.

Name: «The Silver Echo»

Model: IZH-27

Year of manufacture: 1987-1989

Materials used: Gold, silver

Technique: Notching, inlaying.

Description: The plant ornament creates the basis ofstyling. Figures of cuckoo and magpie in the centre of attention, the silver voices of which are famil iar to the lovers of the forest. Wooden parts are trimmed with elegant contour of silver inlaying.

Location: Historic Museum of FGUP “Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod”.

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