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"Morning in the Pine Forest", IZH-54

"Morning in the Pine Forest", IZH-54

Artist-engraver: Beloborodov V.M.

Stocker & fitter: Suvorov V.M.

Name: «Morning in the Pine Forest»

Model: IZH-54

Year of manufacture: 1962

Materials used: Silver, gold, precious metals alloys

Technique: Blend of techniques: precious metals or their alloys inlays and relief engraving, notching.

Description: The “Morning in the Pine Forest” scene pictured on the base plate of gun. Right side of the gun reveals a scene of fox and wood-grouse struggle. Left side - creeping panther. Animal scenes are accomplished with the curled ornament with elements of acanthus leaves. Picturesque lyric of the forest life.

Location: France, gift to the President of France Charle de Gaulle (1959–1969).

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