Artistic Styling of Guns Gallery

"Jubilee", IZH-27-1C

"Jubilee", IZH-27-1C

Artist-engraver: Beloborodov V.M.

Fitter: Kargashin G.I.

Stock assembler: Brylov A.A.

Name: «Jubilee»

Model: IZH-27-1C

Year of manufacture: 1970-1971

Materials used: Gold, silver

Technique: Enamel, inlay, notching (combination of coloured enamels and precious metals used for the first time).

Description: Dedicated to the XXVI CPSU Congress. Original and laconic composition approach: red banner, star, Center of Congresses coupled with decorative ornament of wheat ears, oak leaves and red ribbon.

Location: Historic Museum of FGUP “Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod”.

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