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Федеральное государственное унитарное предприятие "Ижевский механический завод" - одно из крупнейших предприятий Российского агентства по обычным вооружениям.

"IZHEVSKY MEKHANICHESKY ZAVOD" JSC is one of the largest enterprises of Russia`s Agency on Conventional Armament

"IZHEVSKY MEKHANICHESKY ZAVOD" JSC is one of the largest enterprises of Russia`s Agency on Conventional Armament.

The company has no match neither in production volumes nor in the variety of sporting-hunting, air and service weapons, which has become world-famous mainly because of moderate prices and exceptional reliability. In many respects, the success is determined by precise selection of prospective models and making various modifications on their basis. 

Nowadays the company`s share in export of sporting-hunting guns from Russia amounts to more than 70% and "Baikal" guns are shipped to more than 70 countries of the world. The high reputation in the international business is proved by a Diploma of International Association "Australian Discovery Market" ("AMD Business Consulting"), "Crystal Nika" of Coordinating Board of International Program "Partnership for the progress", Peter the Great national prize and Gold medals in International exhibitions in Paris, Brno and Zagreb.  

Izhevsky mekhanichesky zavod is the largest manufacturer of hand power tools. Owing to powerful production capabilities of defense enterprise, production of various power tool models, including rotary hammers, angle grinders, jigsaws etc., has been mastered in relatively short period of time. 

Since 1990 manufacturing of microelectronics for production of modern medical equipment and sophisticated medical appliances of high precision and reliability has begun. The enterprise is also manufacturing equipment for oil production by a gas-lift method, precise metal castings, packing equipment for liquid, free-flowing products, dies, press-molds etc. 

Dynamic marketing policy and high professional skills of the employees enable constant growth in production volumes and sales of guns in the local and the international markets.

The enterprise cruises owing to high intellectual potential, solid production basis, constant quest for new technologies, enhancement and continuous upgrading of products manufactured, quality improvement. It all contributes to expansion of business and trade relations with partners in the local market and world-wide.

Sanatorium resort treatment is realized in "Sosnovy" preventorium, which is the best equipped in Udmurtia and one of the best in Russia. Preventive treatment at the modern level, with newest technologies applied is provided here. Comfortable and diverse conditions for preventive treatment and improvement are created. 

The high attention at the enterprise is paid to the health of children. The only specialized children`s sanatorium in Udmurt Republic is "Lastochka". It is opened the whole year round, to lodge children of enterprise workers, where they can be treated and study. Skilled tutors and qualified medical personal help children to get stronger and to have a good rest.

For organization of cultural and sporting rest of elder children there is a fitness camp "Beriozovaya Roshcha". Experienced teachers make life of children in the camp rich and interesting.

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