Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod on the guard of human life and health

Federal State Unitary Plant "Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod" as the largest versatile enterprise in Russia with modern technologies of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, instrument making and microelectronics offers unique experience in development of high technologies in instrument making and microelectronics with a full production cycle.

At the beginning of 90th Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod backed by own powerful industrial and technical potential of defence enterprise has started development and manufacture of Cardiac Pacemakers (EKS) and Programmers under “Baikal” trademark. Today IMZ is one of leaders in the market of domestic EKS.

High technical capacities of the enterprise allow development and a full production turn-round. The manufacture of cardiac pacemakers implements high-clean and high-precision technologies, as well as materials, resistant against biological environment.

The first cardiac pacemaker EKS-500 (VVI type) has appeared in 1988. Latest "know-hows" in micro circuitry together with domestic small-size lithium-iodide cell have enabled creation and manufacture of EKS-501 (VVI type) of twice smaller size and weight as compared with EKS-500.

The further upgrading took the shape of EKS-321-IMZ (SSI type), distinctive feature of which is ability to pace ventricles or atriums.

As a result of analysis of recent world-leaders’ projects in pacemaker production appeared a stream-lined eardrop-shaped design - new form-factor which facilitates “implantation” and promotes both convenient and reliable connection with electrode. On the basis of this design the Implantable Programmable Cardiac Pacemakers have been developed, such as “EKS-310-IMZ”, unipolar type, and “EKS-323-IMZ”, bipolar type. Their stimulation data clone those of predecessors, though the weight and size have significantly reduced.

Currently IMZ serially makes eight models of EKS, two more run through implementation phase. Developed and marketable is the universal Programmer “PROGREKS–05”. The quantity production of electrodes has also started.

In 2006 the manufacture of monolocular EKS - “BAIKAL-SC” of SSI type begins. It differs from the previous models in shape, small weight (23 g) and expanded programming data adjustable individually for each patient. Additionally “Baikal-SC” accommodates the telemetering communication channel which noticeably simplifies the surgeon’s work in operation and postoperative period.

Simultaneously the quantity production of “BIP-01-IMZ” and “BIP-02-IMZ” endocardial bipolar electrodes started, both intended for continuous stimulation of cardiac activity in conjunction with implanted EKS (IS-1 type connector). The “BIP-01-IMZ” (straight-shape) electrode is intended for stimulation of ventricles, whereas the “BIP-02-IM” (J-shape) electrode enables stimulation of atriums.

Next phase includes developmental works and launching in series manufacture of a bilocular DDD type pacemaker “Baikal–DDD” intended for patients with severe cardiac pathologies. The EKS supports all necessary operating functions of a bilocular pacemaker plus the critical auto-switch function to monitor stimulation modes depending on actual cardiac rhythm and thus appreciably improves the rhythm control. One more version of a bilocular pacemaker – “BAIKAL-DC” - is developed, technical capacities of which clone those of “BAIKAL-DDD”, the size and weight being reduced by half.

New monolocular pacemaker “Baikal–332” offers two options: dia 5.2 mm or 3.2 mm connectors. The EKS excels in extended values of all quantity data. Programmable by the “PROGREKS–05” Universal Programmer.

Programmer consists of the programming control block and magnetic or telemetering programming heads connected. Adaptation of programmer for new pacemaker models requires updating of software.

New EKS models have passed all kinds of technical and medical tests; their batch production now is launched. The models feature a high degree of unification.

Recently developed models of small-size mono- and bilocular frequency-adaptive EKS “Baikal-SR” and “Baikal-DR” meet strict requirements of technical projects assigned on results of marketing research and detailed studies in medical practice. The serial production of these models is scheduled for 2008.

Actually Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod is the unique enterprise in Russia enjoying own "know-hows" in microelectronic components production that promote steady perfection of EKS and guarantee their high quality.

Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod makes affordable and dependable cardiac pacemakers with expanded functionalities, adapted to the Russian consumer. Engineering solutions originally incorporated and effectively proven in products have allowed IMZ to pioneer the way for domestic EKS producers and enter the foreign markets.

Owing to EKS the patients come back to their usual rhythm of a life: work, study, car driving and outdoor activity. IMZ gets the letters with words of gratitude from people of different age and all territories of Russia.

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