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MP-661K “DROZD” (BLACKBIRD) automatic pistol with hopper-type loading system

MP-661K "DROZD" (BLACKBIRD) automatic pistol with hopper-type loading system

Are you looking for a CO2–powered handgun that shoots automatically? How about a pistol that accepts a 400-round magazine?

You probably have been just dreaming of such a gun, and we have designed it. It is a fantastic weapon for plinking and fun.

The MP-661K “Drozd” can employ various power sources: 12-gram and larger capacity CO2 cylinders or pre-charged air cylinders. The hopper-type super-high capacity magazine accommodates up to 400 BB’s in caliber 4.5 mm (.177).

The integrated electronic switch easily brings the pistol from a single-shot to automatic mode of operation. Add to this selective rate of firing of 300 or 450 or 600 rpm.

Simply insert 6 AA 1.5 V batteries, and there you go!



4.5 mm (.177)

Type of pellet

BB (spherical)

Muzzle velocity, m/sec.


Length of barrel, mm


Magazine capacity, rds


Length of bursts, rds (adj.)

3 or 6

Shooting mode

single and fixed bursts

Rate of fire, rpm (selective)

300, 450, 600

Weight, without cylinder, kg


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