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MP-79-9TM Pistol of Limited Injury

One of latest projects of IMZ’ experts that faces keen demand and is intended for active self-defence. Upgraded version of MP-79-9T gas pistol crafted after legendary Makarov pistol.

Chambered for traumatic 9 mm PA rounds with rubber bullet.

The injurious effect is provoked by a pain shock at hitting with a rubber ball, dia 10.2 mm and weight of 0.7 g. Effective range - up to 7 meters.

Original design of barrel bore excludes firing of rounds with a metal bullet - when shooting such rounds the barrel deformation and pistol destruction occur.

Steel frame, slide and parts of firing mechanism, heavily loaded in shooting, make the pistol durable and extend its service life.

The pistol is easy to use, convenient for carry and dependable.




Ammunition, calibre Effective range, rubber bullets, max, m Muzzle energy, max, J Maga-zine capacity, rds Overall dimensions, mm, max Weight, unloaded, kg
9 mm РА with rubber bullet 7 91 8 161x127x30 0.63

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