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MP-71 Service Pistol

Patterned after legendary Makarov pistol.

Design of basic units and actions is identical to the prototype, thoroughly perfected by large-scale production and distinguished by outstanding reliability.

Blow-back operated.

Preserves all advantages of prototype: easy handling, accuracy and unsurpassed safety system.

DA exposed hammer firing action considerably shortens time required to open the fire. Convenient LH side located spring safety blocks the firing pin and slide, providing for safety in handling the handgun.

Simple in handling, compact and light pistol combines high cartridge efficiency with small size and weight.

On order comes complete with:

    • Laser Target Pointer;
    • windage-elevation adjustable sight;
    • magazine quick-release button.

MP-71Н - version of MP-71 pistol. Differs from basic model in higher magazine capacity.




LTP - Laser Target Pointer developed with an allowance for dynamic forces originated from a shot. Keeps zeroing stable. Energized by idle trigger pull to avoid extra work for activation, hence highly efficient for training in point-shooting.



Model Calibre Magazine capacity, rounds Overall length, mm Barrel length, mm Weight, unloaded, kg, max
MP-71 9x17K
93.5 0.73
MP-71H 9x17K
12 165 93.5 0.78

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