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MP-35M Standard Target Self-loading Pistol

Ideally meets the regulations of world-class shooting events for "standard pistol" at 25 m. The Russian A-class shooters with MP-35М pistol used to win major rewards on the Olympic Games, World and Europe Championships.

The trigger mechanism can be adjusted for trigger location, travel and pull. Blow-back operated.

Original design of a firing mechanism along with a top position of hammer pin allows minimizing distance between the bore axis and palm bearing surface to enable high shooting stability. Features the shock-absorber for slide.

On order available with:

    • additional non-automatic safety;
    • non-automatic slide stop;
    • magazine-release button;
    • Weaver rail fixed on the top cover accepts additional aiming devices such as a scope or red-dot sight for non-traditional shooting events.





Cartridge Magazine capacity, rounds Barrel length, mm Sighting radius, mm Trigger pull (adj.), N Trigger travel (adj.), mm Overall dimensions, mm, max Weight, unloaded, kg, max Sight
.22LR 5 153 220 10...12.5 1...2.5 270x150x50 1.2 micrometric (adj.)

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