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MP-27EМ-1C "SPORTING" Double Barrel Gun

Versatile gun with simple and dependable design of basic MP-27М model. The sporting style makes it possible to use the gun successfully for various hunts.

The model has been developed with a number of structural elements, which enhance the field performance of MP-27М - the most popular gun among admirers of outdoor activities and sport.


  • ported barrel to reduce muzzle pressure and flip after a shot;
  • barrel block with a wide rib and two beads: front bead – red, plastic, rear bead - metal;
  • upgraded stock ergonomics with a palm swell on the right side of pistol grip;
  • rubber buttplate with a plastic heel to avoid snags on clothing in point shooting.

Stable shot pattern is supported by screw-in chokes: IС, M, F.



Screw-in chokes


Ported holes to reduce muzzle flip


New design of butt plate for fast point shooting



Gauge Barrel length, mm Weight, kg, max
12/76 750 3.6

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