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Smooth-bore semi-automatic gun with underbarrel tubular magazine, reloaded by reciprocating forend. Effective weapon for hunting, law enforcement and self-defence. Available as option chambered in 12/76, providing reliable operation with both 12/70 and 12/76 rounds.

Breech-block coupled directly with barrel safeguards durability of lock-out and relieves the receiver stress in shooting. Receiver is crafted of aluminium alloy.

Sighting device: arch-type rib or open rear and front sights.

Magazine-feed cut-off mechanism. If activated disconnects the feed of cartridges from underbarrel magazine. This action facilitates replacement of a cartridge chambered with a cartridge of different charge. Also the shooter may feed the cartridges directly through the window for ejection of spent shells. Available as option with retention of slide in rearmost position upon exhaustion of magazine-loaded rounds.

Upgraded buttpad (new design) – more effective reduction of felt recoil.

Special set of shim spacers allows to custom fit the buttstock to any body build and adjust accordingly the lateral or upright bias of stock.

Receiver top bears the dovetail groove and accepts mounts for fixing various aiming aids.

Hammer-type take-off trigger group made from high-strength polyamide features the safeties:

  • to prevent a shot at non-fully locked barrels;

  • to prevent spontaneous unlocking of slide prior to a shot;

  • to lock the trigger (non-automatic safety).

Full interchangeability of barrels allows replacing of barrels or adding an extra barrel without metalwork in repair shop.

Stock and forend material: walnut, beech or polymer.

* Magazine capacity (with extension nut), ** With barrel length of 710 mm








Gauge Magazine capacity, rds Chokes Barrel length, mm OA length, mm Weight, kg, max
12/76 4;*5*;6* Ц(С); 2ч(М); 3,4ч (IM); пч (F); уч (XF) 510, 540 ,610, 660, 710 1235 at barrel length 710 mm 2,9 **

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