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MP-155 Semi-Automatic Gun

New shotgun preserves all best qualities of previous model - МР-153.

New model features:

  • Reduced weight due to accommodation of gas-engine pulse adjuster within piston (that has simultaneously improved the balance of gun) and use of lightweight rear sight leaf (arch type);
  • Reduced length of receiver chambered in 12/76 provides additional reduction of weight;
  • Improved ergonomics due to a new design of butt plate;
  • Adjustable drop at comb due to replaceable shims between stock and receiver,
  • Upgraded design of trigger group (shorter trigger travel, increased size of safety button).

МР-155 gun has also found new consumer properties:

  • Option for left-hand shooters,
  • Provision to adapt additional aiming devices (scopes or red-dot sights),
  • Convenience to attach an additional barrel without metalwork in repair shop.

Provision of cutoff mechanism allowing to disconnect cartridge feed from magazine and quick shot with other cartridge distinct from those loaded in magazine.

Stock and forend material – walnut, beech or plastic.




Gauge Screw-in chokes Barrel length / OA length, mm Magazine capacity, rds Weight, kg
12/76 (С); (M); (IM),(F), (IC) 610/1145,
4 (Ga 12/76); 5, 6 * (* capacity with a magazine extender) 3.15
12/89 (С); (M); (IM),(F), (IC) 610/1155,
3 (Ga 12/89); 4, 5* (* capacity with a magazine extender) 3.25

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