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MP-341 Double-barrel Gas Pistol (shoots the rubber bullet rounds)

Double-barrel gas pistol МР-341, Ga 12/35, also shoots the rubber bullets. Intended for self-defence of citizens and protection of their property.

Combines advantages of «barrel-less» samples of self-defence weapon – efficiency of traumatic effect, and "rubber-shooters" - high reliability of ignition system.

Developed on the base of MP-43 SbS shotgun. Identical in handling with popular model well-proven between the hunters. Offers long storage in the ammo-loaded condition and lower break-opening effort due to exposed hammers. Safe operation supported by automatic safety, powerful psychological action – these are only few advantages of new model.

The gun’s accuracy & patterning guarantee the hitting a torso at distances of self-defence.

The ammo’ rounds bear 21,5 mm dia spherical rubber bullets.

Available in two versions:

  • w/ plastic forend and grip;
  • w/ wooden grip and forend.




Gauge Barrel length, mm OA dimensions, mm Weight, kg, max
12/35 250 490х65х160 2.1

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