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The “BAIKAL DC” DDD-type Dual-Chamber Implantable Telemetering Electric Pacemaker is intended for treatment of сardiac rhythm disorders by electric stimulation of ventricles or auricles.

Adopts unipolar or bipolar electrodes with IS-1 standard tips (3.2 mm).

Programmable by means of UNI programmers.

The Pacemaker implements an automatic switch of stimulation mode with constant analysis of activity within refractory periods, extensive statistics of the events’ array displayed as convenient histograms and protection against pacemaker-mediated tachycardias.

The pacemaker implements the time programming with pulse rate of 30 … 460 ppm, measurement of electrode impedance of 100 to 3000 ohm, extra stimulation mode with maximum amplitude and widht of stimulative pulse.

Telemetering information:

  • model and serial number;
  • programmable parameters of stimulation ;
  • battery condition;
  • impedance of electrode;
  • events’ marker.


  • imposed events via A and V channels;
  • perceived events via A and V channels;
  • combination of imposed / perceived events;
  • Q-ty of changeovers in stimulation mode.

Operation modes:

Stimulation modes DDD, DDI, DОО, AОО, AAI, AAT, VОО, VVI, VVT
Input - output operation mode Unipolar /Bipolar
Stimulation frequency, ppm 30…70…120 (5 ppm steps)
Amplitude of stimulating pulses, B (A and V) 0,80; 1,50; 2,20; 3,00; 3,90; 4,60; 5,40; 6,30
Duration of stimulating pulses, ms (A and V) 122…366…976 (122 ms steps)
A-channel threshold of sensitivity, mV 0,5; 1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 2,5; 3,0; 3,5; 4,0
V-channel threshold of sensitivity, mV 1,0; 2,0; 3,0; 4,0; 5,0; 6,0; 7,0; 8,0
A-channel refractory period, ms 200…300…500 (20 ms steps)
V-channel refractory period, ms 200…260…500 (20 ms steps)
A-V delay, ms 100…180…300 (10 ms steps)
A-V delay’s hysteresis, ms OFF; 50
Frequency-dependent A-V delay OFF, short, medium, long
P-V delay (change of AV delay upon detection of P-wave, ms 0or -30 ms of A-V delay
Maximum frequency of synchronization, ppm 60…120…180 (5 ppm steps)
Blind period of auricles, ms 50…150…200 (50 ms steps)
Automatic switchover of operation modes ON; OFF
Mode switch Slow, fast
Detection of pacemaker-mediated tachycardias ON; OFF
Programming of VARIO mode by amplitude and duration ON; OFF

(bold-type marking is for STANDARD program data)

Development contractor: Joint-Stock Company “Cardics”, Moscow




Specifications: BAIKAL-DС
Overall dimensions, mm, max 52 х 47 х 9.5
Weight, g, max 24
Type of electrode connector IS-1 BI (3.2 mm)
Service life in STANDARD mode not less than 8-9 years
Power source - lithium fluorocarbon cell 1,0 А*h

Cardiac Pacemakers

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