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Artistic Styling of Shotguns and Pistols

Many talented master engravers, that are creating the beautiful samples of engraving art, are working at the enterprise. All of them are the apprentices and followers of gifted artist and teacher - Leonard Mikhailovich Vassev, which has exerted a great influence upon the engravers" work. He has invented the new method of precious metal inlay into the "dovetail" slots; introduced the method of multicolor inlay and unique engraving technique of a "frost" style.

There is a gunsmith school at the enterprise that was founded in 1956 for training of the skilled technicians. This unique training Centre is preparing the production workers for main professions, related to manufacturing and decoration of arms.

The range of outward styling of arms models and their modified versions, produced at the FSUP "IMZ", suggests the expensive, award and gift arms with high aesthetic and consumer features.

The variety of engravings takes into account the demands of various customers and covers the wide range of prices from simple engravings, made by laser, to the exclusive handmade engravings.

The artistic decoration of arms is accomplished as a unique style, based on the traditional Izhevsk school of engraving as for bas-relief and relief engraving techniques using the precious metal inlay method (silver and gold) and different types of decorative coatings.

The chemical oxidation (blueing), nickel and silver plating followed by artificial ageing as well as facing with gold-colour titanium nitride of some shotguns" and pistols" parts are used as the decorative coating for metal parts.

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The scenic images on some shotguns' parts such as receiver, base plate, trigger guard are carried out by bas-relief engraving method, while the complexity and quality of such engravings depend on pricing range of decoration. At customer"s request the decorative handmade carving could be made on some wood parts such as stock and forend.

The inserts with Russian Federation symbols, republican or regional symbolics as well as symbolism of various authorities and departments could be placed on the both sides of a pistol grip. Such inserts are crafted by means of e mbossing with subsequent metal plating.

Instead of standard grips the wooden reinforced grips or steel grips with side plates made of valuable hardwoods such as walnut, beech, thuja and other materials could be installed. At the same time the wooden grips can be carved and decorated with the following handmade ornamental patterns: stylized foiled and imbrication ornament and checkering.

You may select any type of decorative style from the enterprise"s collection of samples, and order it at your wish.



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