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AO-144 Automatic packaging machine

Vertical, single-line automatic packaging machine of cyclic operation for dosing and packing of non-dusty free-flowing and small-size products, such as cereals, tea, salt, sugar, etc. into polymeric bags. Packing material: polyethylene and polypropylene films, multi-layer film materials.

The automatic machine features the high output, reliability and quick readjustment, does not require the basement for installation.

The machine incorporates:

    • Bag conveyer.
    • Volumetric cup-type feeder AO-041.
    • Packaging machine AO-104, equipped with a versatile constant heat sealing system and efficient with all types of thermo-sealed films (polyethylene, polypropylene, multi-layer films on their base etc.)

Process operations provided:

    • Shaping bags of film.
    • Marking the date on film (up to 8 digits) and punching.
    • Transverse and longitudinal sealing.
    • Filling bags with a product.
    • Flat bottom forming.
    • Transverse sealing and filled bags cutting off.
    • Packing by means of sealing.
    • Filled bags removal to pilling zone.

Packaging machine is equipped with FESTO pneumatic system. On request, packaging machine comes complete with a feeder-conveyer.




Specifications AO-144
Output, bags/min:
- polyethylene film max 40 (depending on the type of products and dose weight)
- other films max 45 (depending on the type of products and dose weight)
Permissible dosing error in filling 6 bags per 1 kg, %, max ±2
Film dimensions, mm:
- thickness: PE film (0,06 - 0,09) ±0,01
- thickness: PP film (0,035 - 0,06)±0,005
- thickness: multi-layer films (0,035 - 0,06)±0,005
- width: one-layer (PE and PP) and multi-layer films (longitudinal lap sealing) 350±5
- width: multi-layer films (longitudinal inner layer sealing) 370±5
- reel dia, max 320
- reel core dia, mm 75±5
Bag size (empty), length, width, mm (On request a customer can be supplied with a packaging machine operating on 120 mm, 100 mm and 80 mm bags in width) 100...265x165±10
Adjustment range of product filled into a cup at one feeder cycle, cm3 240...1200
Power consumption, kWh, max 1,0
Machine drive combined: pneumatic and electric
Power supply three-phase mains
Voltage 380±10%V; 50Hz
Inlet air pressure, MPa (bar) 0,6...1,0; (6...10)
Working air pressure, MPa (bar) 0,6±0,06; (6,0±0,6)
Air consumption (estimated), m3/hour, max (PE film) 25,0
Air consumption (estimated), m3/hour, max (PP film and multi-layer films) 30,0
Dimensions, mm, max (length, width, height) 2200 x 2050 x 2800
Weight, kg, max 650
Operators, man 1

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