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FL1 Packaging Line for free flowing products

Intended for complete packaging of free flowing products (cereals, granulated sugar and white salt) first into individual package – bags of polymeric materials, and then packing bags into polymeric, paper or flax-jute sacks.

The line implements:

    • 2 - 4 packaging machines AO-141, AO-142 with common assembly conveyor.
    • Elevator.
    • Optoelectronic counting device.
    • Hopper with a safe-to-handle sack lock.
    • Sack conveyor forward the lacing area.




Specifications FL1
Output, bags/min; ton/h, max max 80; 4,8 (filled bag weight - 1 kg)
Bags number in a sack, item 30...70
Bag capacity, kg (product density 1,2…2,0 ton/m3) 0,25...1,5
Permissible dosing error at constant product moisture, % 2
Machine drive combined: pneumatic and electric
Compressed air consumption, m3/h, max 130
Overall dimensions in run position, mm (length, width, height) 16600 x 2230 x 2900
Weight, kg, max 5000

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