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IGM-73-120/60 М and IGM-42-85/60 Gyroscopic Inclinometers

At construction of new wells and drilling of lateral boreholes from old wells the irreplaceable tools for geophysical provision of directional survey (spatial definition of borehole axes of any type) are gyroscopic inclinometers (gyro-inclinometers), based on principles of analytic gyro-compassing, the parameters of which are able in maximal degree to satisfy requirements of trade and ore geophysics.

Gyroscopic inclinometers are intended for measurement of zenith angles, geographical azimuth and angular position of the borer’s deflecting tool with a view to define spatial position of an axis of oil-and-gas and any other boreholes at well-boring, control checks and maintenance works.

The gyroscopic inclinometers can be applied as independently or in structure of some well-logging system at geophysical surveying of any wells: vertical, inclined, directional, horizontal, cased or uncased boreholes, in process of drilling or to be drilled including those in rocks with ferromagnetic inclusions and also for measurement of spatial position of pipelines laid in remote places, e.g. on a bottom or under water basin.

Gyro-inclinometers are also applied for definition of verticality and azimuth of metalwork in house-building. Gyroscopic inclinometers function on principles of analytic gyro-compassing and do not require time and additional equipment for initial alignment prior to operation. Measurements within wells can be made both at lowering or hoisting the downhole tool. All measurements are performed in real time to enable the on-line control of a borehole deviation.

Gyro-inclinometers offer the embedded program of self-adjustment and functional control. Application of self-adjustment mode provides observability of faults at borehole measurement and their compensation. The data are displayed on PC and saved on a magnetic medium. The profile calculations of a measured borehole section are displayed on PC and can be printed out. All resulting read-outs are dumped in LAS-form.

Qualified experts of enterprise conduct a regular work to improve the characteristics of new gyro-inclinometers.

The inclinometers comply with all modern trends of drilling activities, such as:

  • cluster drilling with high density of wells;
  • horizontal drilling;
  • operation mode with a boring and deflecting tools’ gyro-orientator at drilling-out of lateral boreholes;
  • high-accuracy measurements at collar piping verticality checks.

Unlike all other models these gyro-inclinometers offer the following features:

  • at drilling vertical sites of boreholes the inclinometers enable the stable azimuth checks of a borehole axis starting from zenith angle 0.3 degrees and thus provide for safe (trouble-free) drilling at high density of boreholes’ spacing;
  • unique in Russia gyroscopic inclinometers measuring an azimuth in all range of inclination angles;
  • have no time restrictions for operation in boreholes;
  • at drilling the lateral boreholes in old wells the special soft program allows orienting of deflecting tool and pointing the boring tool to specified azimuth from upright position of a casing string without cutout of pipe section.

Full delivery set includes:
Downhole tool;
Surface operator’s console;
Set of centralizers;
Technical documents (logbook, operating manual);
PC (to be agreed with the Buyer);
Fail-safe power supply (to be agreed with the Buyer); *
* - costs of a PC and fail-safe power supply are not included into the price of complete set.


Delivery of gyroscopic inclinometers in agreed set;
Training of the Customer personnel in device control and operation at the test stand of FGUP “IMZ”;
Free technical support (by any communication facilities), as well as technical diagnostics of any device condition based on the data files supplied by operating organization.

- warranty service;
- execution of works for repair and calibration in post-warranty period

Our customers:

Oil wells: “Tatneftgeophysica”, “Permneftgeophysica”, “Nizhnevartovskneftegeophysica”, “Yuganskneftegasgeophysica” etc.

Ore geophysics: UKS АК “АLROSA”, “Buryatzoloto”, “Norilsk Nikel”, “Belgorod Mining Company”, “Rusian Drilling Company”, “Geocomp” etc.

Sea-shelf wells: “Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft”

High-rise construction: «Ingeokomtrans» (Moscow)

Attention! The suggested information describes complete set, characteristics etc. for reference purposes only and not intended to be a public offer as per the Art.(2) of the RF Civil Code. Complete delivery set, price, terms and other conditions of delivery are determined) by the contract.



At the stand


Preparations for lowering


Hoisting from the borehole



Parameter Parameter value
Azimuth measurement range (degrees) 0...360
Azimuth angle measurement error (degrees) ± 2.0 / ± 3.0
Zenith angle measurement range (degrees) 0...180
Zenith angle measurement range (degrees) 0.1 / ±0.25
Zenith and azimuth angles’ measurement error within a range of zenith angles 120 to 180 degr., (degrees) not regulated *
Error of azimuth definition in a solid angle limited by zenith angle of 90±30 degr. at azimuth of 90±30 and 270±30 degrees not regulated
External diameter of Downhole Tool (mm) 73/42
Length of Downhole Tool without centralizers, max (mm) 2 165 / 2 250
Range of operation temperatures for Surface Operator’s Console (°С) +10...+45
Maximum working ambient temperature for Downhole Tool (°С) +120 / +85
Maximum working pressure for Downhole Tool (MPa) 60
Power supply voltage (V) 220 ±10%
Frequency (Hz) 50 ±1
Total power consumption, max (W) 100
Power consumption of Downhole Tool, max (W) 30
Weight of Downhole Tool (kg) 30 / 15
Weight of Surface Operator’s Console (kg) 6
Type of interface with a PC RS-232C
PC Operating system Windows XP, 2000
Maximum length of well-logging cable, m 6000
* At the request of Customer the measurement error within specified range can be adjusted to necessary values by additional tuning works, the cost of which has to be added by separate line in specification of contract concluded for supplying an inclinometer to the consumer.


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