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BIP-01-IMZ, BIP-02-IMZ Endocardial Bipolar Electrodes

The BIP-01-IMZ & BIP-02-IMZ Endocardial Bipolar Electrodes along with Implantable Electric Pacemakers equipped with IS-1 type (ISO 5841-3) connectors are intended for continuous stimulation of cardiac activity.

The BIP-01-IMZ electrode (straight shape) is intended for stimulation of ventricles, while the BIP-02-IMZ electrode (J-shape) is applied for stimulation of atriums. Length of electrodes – 600 mm. The electrodes are supplied in fully sterile package.

An electrode looks like a piece of wire connected from one end with contact electrodes (anode, cathode) and from another - by connector - with cardiac pacemaker.

Structurally an electrode represents a wire consisting of two coaxial spiral conductors, isolated with silicone rubber. Material of wire - CoCrNi. One of conductors is attached to cathode and connector, while the second one - to anode and anodic contact of the same connector.

Contact electrodes (cathode, anode) serve for direct transfer of electric pulses to a stimulated heart zone.

The cathodic electrode is crafted of titanium with iridium-oxide coating. The surface structure is of fractal nature; surface area equals to 6 mm2.

The anodic electrode is also made of titanium with iridium-oxide coating and surface area of 56 mm2.

В Delivery set of BIP-01-IMZ (BIP-02-IMZ) electrode includes:

  • electrode;
  • guide 1;
  • guide 2;
  • catcher;
  • dilator;
  • retainer;
  • уlead-in device UV-6 (available on separate order).

Guides 1 and 2 (different rigidity) are employed for giving rigidity to an electrode at implantation.

Catcher is used for introducing a guide in electrode.

Dilator serves for introducing an electrode in a vein at a surgical method of electrode introduction.

Retainer helps to fasten an electrode on a vein.

Electric resistance:
cathode, max, 30 Ohm
anode, max, 90 Ohm

Electrode weight, max, 10 g.




Specifications BIP-01-IMZ, BIP-02-IMZ
Electrode length, mm 600
Electrode area - cathode, sq. mm 3,5
Electrode area - anode, sq. mm 56
Electric resistance of the cathode, Ohm 30
Electric resistance of the anode, Ohm 90

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