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Car compressors, mod. 53205-3509015, 53205-3509015-40 and 306-1DT

Developed by the Research Center of AO "KamAZ" and mounted on the quantity-produced "KamAZ" trucks since 1994. Used in brake systems of "KamAZ" & "URAL" trucks, "IKARUS" buses or other vehicles as a compressed air source.

    • Compressor types: piston, single-cylinder, single-stage with cooling of cylinder head by an engine coolant fed from a coolant system.
    • Increased capacity as compared with two-cylinder compressors: 450 l/min instead of 220 l/min.
    • Available with a complete set of connection units and mounting instructions how to replace the worn-out two-cylinder compressors of "KamAz" trucks being in operation.


    • 53205-3509015 - for regular "KamAZ" trucks;
    • 5J3205-3509015-40 - to substitute the 2-cylinder compressors of "KamAZ" trucks;
    • 306-1DT - for "URAL" trucks and "ICARUS" buses.




Rated working volume, cm3 306
Rated excess pressure, MPa 0,80
Max excess pressure, MPa 1,25
Capacity at excess pressure of 0.7 MPa and 2000 rpm, dm/min 373
Capacity at excess pressure of 0.7 MPa and 2500 rpm, dm/min 450
Consumed power, kW 3,8
Overall dimensions, mm 200х136х288
Weight, kg, max 10


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