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"IZHEVSKY MEKHANICHESKY ZAVOD" JSC develops, manufactures and supplies Microelectronics` Products based on thick-film & thin-film hybrid and solid-state CMOS technologies. The products are small-size and highly reliable.

Production process of microelements comprises an integral production cycle involving the design works and pilot specimens followed by large-scale production of articles.

The Enterprise fabricates the microelectronics items for special and medical purposes and following appliances:

    • Commutator motor control modules upto 2 kW in hybrid version able to limitate the start-up currents, to control no-load rpm, to stabilize motor`s rpm in operation, to retain maximum over-load currents at preset level and to ensure the current & thermal motor protection.
    • Special LSICs and electronic modules in hybrid version (HIC). The Enterprise disposes state-of-the-art industrial lines and highly qualified personnel for their operation and maintenance.
    • Special ICs to control all-purpose food-processors and telecommunication facilities; ICs for FM-mode radio sets.

"IMZ" JSC welcomes any Customer orders to supply electronic units for the car engine control devices, mobile radio telecommunications, commu-tator motor control units, special process equipment, technical and medical appliances etc. as well as invites the foreign manufacturers and consumers of microelectronics to a partnership in any joint projects.




Solid-State Production
Type of technology CMOS with aluminium and polycrystalline silicon gates
Ultimate frequency with aluminium gate, MHz 2
Ultimate frequency with polysilicon gate, MHz 10
Design standards, mcm up to 2
Assembly in metal-ceramic package
Sealing by soldering or seam welding
Chip production capacity, pcs/year 500 000
Thick-Film Production
Type of substrate ceramics, metal
Paste silver-cadmium, ruthenium or stannate
Number of processed layers up to 5
Number of resistors on 48x60 mm substrate at 2-layer wiring up to 100
Precision of resistors, % 2
Scatter power of resistive layer, mW/mm2 50
Components used w/supple or polyamide-based leads, surface-mounted components
Sealing w/elastic compound or purchased package
Production capacity 100 000 ICs per year
Thin-Film Production
Type of substrate cytall, polycor
Method of spraying vacuum-thermal
Lead & resistor width, min, mm 0,05
Precision of resistors, % + 0,5
Scatter power of resistive layer, mW/mm2 30
Package metal & glass
Sealing by laser
Production capacity 50 000 ICs per year


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