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Precise Steel Castings

IMZ` Foundry Department was organized in 1950.

Since that time on order of various customers over 4000 various types of castings have been developed and put into production.

Majority of the output volume compose steel castings produced by an unique investment technique (up to 2500 thousands per year), in lesser quantities we manufacture non-ferrous pressure-die castings and chill castings.

Technological processes and proper equipment enable casting parts of any steel or alloy grades the weight of which ranges from few grams to 2 kg.

Grades of alloys to be used:

    • medium-carbon steel;
    • tool steel;
    • alloy and high-alloy steels;
    • alloys with special characteristics.

To cast parts a high-precision casting technique is used providing:

Production of castings marginally close to the configuration of finished parts; dimensional accuracy excepting in majority of cases any machining; surface roughness, providing a marketable condition of finished goods.

Pre-starting procedure includes development of 3D casting model, its optimization for density and dimensional accuracy (simulation of solidification); development of tooling, manufacture process and programs for CNC centers; making fixtures, then a marketing lot of cast parts.

Ready-made goods are subjected to the following inspection: X-ray control, magnetic detection; luminescent detection; chemical control, stress-strain properties and metal structure inspection, dimensional control.




Min. wall thickness, mm up to 0,8
Dimension accuracy, quality 12-14
Surface roughness, Rz 20
Casting weight from 2 g to 2 kg
Max overall size, mm 200


Precise Steel Castings

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