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Compact Self-Loading Pistol (PSM)

Intended for law enforcement and armed forced. One of the world most compact pistols. Unique 5,45x18 low-recoil round delivers excellent patterning and high armour-piercing effect. Blow-back operated. Striker-fired operating system.

Non-automatic safety, if active blocks firing pin and slide. Slide remains open after the last round has been fired. Easy to use, compact and light pistol combines powerful cartridge with a low pistol weight and size or the pistol is most suitable for concealed carry and storage.




Cartridge Magazine capacity, rounds Overall dimensions, mm, max Weight, unloaded, kg, max Barrel length, mm Muzzle velocity, m/s Sight
5,45х18 8 155х109х20 0,43 85 315 fixed

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