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Makarov Pistol (PM)

World renown as the best pistol of 20th century on a level with "Browning", "Beretta" and "Astra Constable". Within 45 years large-scale produced at the IMZ. Basic model for a line of pistols - pistols for a service use, gas pistols, export versions.

Wide range of application: from army and law enforcement or security agencies to sporting & plinking use. Nowadays the MP is the-world-only pistol able to succeed in combined tests where the strong dust conditions are alternating with a rain, worn out parts and dust again.

Principle of operation based on using a slide recoil energy. Inertial locking system, exposed hammer DA trigger action. Non-automatic safety, if engaged, blocks a firing pin & slide and decocks the hammer.

Particular features: slide release lever located on LH frame side, lever gets efficient in an upward move, magazine release on the handle top.

In 1997 a new "Cartridge-Makarov Pistol" package appears, where the PBM 9x18 round applies with a higher armor piercing effect. Technical level of the package complies with all up-to-date requirements.




Calibre Muzzle velocity, m/s Muzzle energy, J, min Barrel length, mm Magazine capacity, rounds Overall dimensions, mm Weight, unloaded, kg
9x18 315 300 93,5 8 161,5x127x30,5 0,73

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