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MP-672 PCP Standard Pistol

Crafted after popular MP-46 standard air pistol.

Precharged pneumatic system facilitates shooting, as compared with a compression scheme, without a loss in patterning. Trigger group allows adjusting the trigger position, travel and pull.

"Dry hammer release" facilitates training without a use of valving group to extend the gun service life.

Orthopedic grip with adjustable hand rest provides for comfortable shooting.





Calibre Trigger pull (adj.), N Trigger travel (adj.), mm Reducer chamber pressure, bar Number of shots with fully filled cylinder, min Muzzle velocity, m/s Barrel length, mm OA length. mm Weight, kg, max
4.5 mm (.177) 3.9-9.8 0.2-2.0 80 100 160 280 420 1.3

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