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MP-471 Service Pistol of Limited Injury

Based on legendary Makarov pistol. Design of basic units and actions is identical to the prototype, thoroughly perfected by large-scale production and distinguished by outstanding reliability.

Qualified as a service weapon (according to Federal Law “On weapon”). Developed for 10х23Т cartridge of traumatic action.

Pistol frame, slide and components of trigger group heavily loaded in shooting are crafted of steel and guarantee durability and long service life of the weapon.

Injurious effect results from a pain shock inflicted by 0,7g rubber ball, dia 10,2 mm. Effective range - up to 15 m.

MP-471 preserves all positive qualities of Makarov pistol such as easy handling, accuracy and unsurpassed safety system.




Calibre Muzzle velocity, m/s Effective shooting range, m, max Muzzle energy, J, max Magazine capacity, rounds Overall dimensions, mm Weight, unloaded, kg
10x23T 500...550 15 100 8 162x127x31 0.63

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