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MP-461 "STRAZHNIK" Barrel-less Pistol of Limited Injury

Effective weapon of self-defence - barrel-less twin-shot non-lethal pistol for 18х45Т cartridges with a rubber bullet. Unique combination of traditions in self-defence arms’ production and advanced achievements in electronics.

Also chambers the light-and-sound rounds and can be applied for emitting sound and light signals at hunting, fishing, plinking etc.

Convenient grip and ergonomic design favor the fast draw of pistol in point shooting.

Due to small size and weight the pistol allows convenient pocket or ladies' handbag carry.

Gun is made of high strength plastic; aiming device includes the regular front and rear sights.

Simple and safe handling plus safeties make the МР-461 "Strazhnik" easy to use.

Quick reloading of pistol due to quick-change clip, spare clip included in delivery set.

Electronic propellant ignition system features simple and convenient check of battery life (enables 10 000 shots).

Available with a Laser Target Pointer (LTP).



Pistol front view


Safety to block the trigger


Battery charge indication button



Option Calibre Muzzle velocity, m/s OA dimensions, mm Ammunition, rds Weight, loaded, kg
MP-461 18x45T 108.5 127x116x30 2+2 (quick-change clip) 0.172
MP-461 (LTP version) 18x45T 108.5 127x116x30 2+2 (quick-change clip) 0.194

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